Bootstrap Tags Input Build Status

Bootstrap Tags Input is a jQuery plugin providing a Twitter Bootstrap user interface for managing tags.

Current stable version: v0.8.0


Examples can be found here.


Objects as tags

Not just support for using strings! This means you can use different values for a tag’s label and value. Each tag also holds a reference to the object by which it was created, so by calling tagsinput('items') an array of the original items is returned.

True multi value support

Other implementations just concatenate the values to a comma separated string. This results in val() returning just this string, and when submitting the form, only one big, concatenated value is sent in the request.

Bootstrap Tags Input provides true multivalue support. Just use a <select multiple /> as your input element, and val() will return an array of the tag values. When submitting the form, an array of values will be sent with the request.

Typeahead support

Integrates with Twitter Bootstraps’ 2.3.2 typeahead, or use custom typeahead when using Bootstrap 3.


Install dependencies:

npm install
grunt install


grunt test


grunt build

Current Library Versions:

Libraries for testing go in the /lib directory.



This project is licensed under MIT.